PUBHUB | Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana
  • Agenda

This is what we do.

Agenda 2
  • key questions

This is what we ask.

  • Anna
  • Davide
  • Matic
  • Sudani

This is who we are.

first finance talk
  • a hand in hand structure
  • user groups

Our first thoughts about financing and user groups. Through this structure every user group benefits and invests in the project at the same time.


Scenario after scenario

Axo sketch55

First template


Trough scetches we try to concentrate more on the ideas behind the program. The congress square stands for all good qualities in the city of Ljubljana.

Axo sketch template 2

Overview of the area. The same view delivers a picture of the different phases.

the time  line j

The key events introduce every new phase. This first structure shows possibilities of different events.

the finance line j

The events of the timeline are founded and financed by various users and groups.

Slide 3-4anna j

overview : Key events 1 and 2

Slide 1-2 matic

overview : Key events 3 and 4

Agenda 4

User groups over time

3d diary

first axo template

factory postcard

The visualization of the old Tobacco factory mixed with our visions.

Adijo tovarne

Comparing Congress Square with Tobacna Site

Axo sketch with text final

Final map of the City with all import institutions for us.

the time line final

A general explanation about our event structure in the mid-term scenario.

the finance line final

How could we provide the project with money and interaction. You can see here.

Axo sketch with text

Groups of the city .

Axo sketch with text

Areas and Groups included in the city.

the finance line final

As the timeline and the financing line the user-group line shows the interaction with people of the city , visitors etc.

lageplan FINAl PUBHUB

Blackplan with Tobacna area.


Falling walls is the initiative event. The area is opened up towards the city. As a first event the cinema will be introduced.


The green house effect will introduce the ecological improvement of the area. The water area is used as a fish pond.


Pool is cool changes the fish pond into a pool which can be used from the citizens visitor etc.


the final event is closing up the whole process. The area is now filled with events and opportunities for the city.


The technical structure supports the improvements on the site and in buildings. The water-technic delivers hot water , heating , water supply for the greenhouses.


The final scenario.


The sections point out , that the whole are with inner and outer space is included in the program.


The final status in 2030 the PUBHUB has occupied the whole area. This visualization should be a first impression.


With our post scenario we want to give a radial opportunity for the site.