Project | Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana
  • ReLab is vast, open space that provides unlimited flexibility for its users.
  • It is placed beneath the ground floor and revives Tobačna area.

Under the public square a reusing facility called -reLAB- is established. It will act as an education and prototyping facility for artist, students and the inhabitants of Ljubljana. There they will be able to experiment on how waste can be reused and upcycled.

  • Politics of General Motors gave us the idea how to handle previous industrial character of the site - to re-involve the industry

´If it is not used anymore it is not automatically waste!´ -
this idea has characterized our project from the beginning
on and has become the main concept of the site.
The politics of General Motors has showed us that such Utopian thinking can be
done and can work very well. We have tried to apply this positive approach to
Tobačna and overall Ljubljana case.

  • ReLab acts like a catalizator.
  • When you think that it is over, ReLab upgrades product lifecycle and makes it "vivid" again.

We started with recycling the site itself. All the existing structures have been reused and an artificial landscape roof is built in order to close the building pit and provide the city with a new public space.

  • ReLab is open to a wide range of waste.
  • And everyone can come and participate.

The diagram shows a recycle process of used plastic bottles.
Not only by strictly factory process but with involvement of students, designers
or citizens bottles become unique object. A unique type industry starts off.


The spacial composition displays the chronology of fabric process.
For example: the bottle is brought to storage, tecnically processed in process area
and roughly treated in workshop area. It gets its final appearance in the lab area.
The output of reLAB, new products made out of these materials, are sold in the on-site shop.


In order to support the extention of the city centre, the existing train
stop is included into the site as a new regional-train station.
According to the long-term plan of the city government, the railway line
is put underground and is not disturbing the view to or from Rozna Dolina.


ReLab is set below the gorund level. However, it is not anonymous object. Through the openings in the landscape, pedestrians will be able to observe
the work in progress that is going on beneath them.


The lab itself tends to be open space, firstly undefined, but then specified according to certain programmes and processes.


branding image_2

Re-bringing new type of industry on Tobačna site fits perfectly in Ljubljana
Zero Waste plan. At first, it provides a great new image of the eco friendly city.
However, on long term plan it can become a trademark of Ljubljana and persistenet financial gain.

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