INC.UBATOR – Design | Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana
  • site plan of a prospective design

The site plan shows that our restructuring of the Tobacna is concentrated on the mort of the site. The existing building will be reused, but the design stay the same, except a restructuring of the inner interior structure. The main new building is the elongated building owned by IMMO, which forms the border to the railway and at the same time includes the new added train station of the last phase of development. Just next to there will be installed a bike hub to make up an intersection point on the side. The small Cube building will offer an opportunity for small stakeholders like co-workers, creatives, students etc.. These cubes are placed down in the pit and also are the connection between the higher level in front of the old industry hall and the lower levels of the pit. The open space of the area is restructured by new planted tress and a new connection system. The centre of the open space is the pit, which offers a lot of activities and structures for public events.

  • Re-Using the pillar structure for new public activities

The urban space or public space is structured by the pillar grid. The reuse offers different activities and space for public events. The pillar grid is the connection to the history of the the last decade of the Tobacna.

  • View on the new urban ground.