INC.UBATOR – Concept | Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana
  • View on the new urban ground

The perspective gives an idea of the new atmosphere of the Tobacna. The central element is the open space on the ground of the pit, which forms a new urban stage and a plattform to exchange ideas and knwoledge for the whole site and its protagonists.

  • The fairy tale

In year 2005 there was a competition to realize the vision and their aims on the site of Tobacna building a high profitable architectural structure as an investment object. They started with some preparation of the site escavating a pit and installing the pillars for the construction.


But during the finacial crisis in 2009 the big player IMMO got bankrupt and could not afford the realization of the project not anymore. So they stopped the building process. And they did not know how to continue.


The idea of the towers was seen critically by the public and the already existing protagonists if the Tobacna. So the municpality decided to buy the site, split the ownership selling it to different local stakeholders and also IMMO. So that IMMO is safed from bankrupt and can develope their idea partly.


But all stakeholders participating in the new strategy and developement of the site have to participate in financing the developement of the public open space.


IMMO could develope their project partly, but they had to preserve the urban shape of the site. So the archtects proposed a less conspicious design using the space which is given in the pit. They also include the cores of the former towers and the grid for new architectural structures and design.


Using the new site as a place to create new ideas, share and exchange knwoledge the stakeholders had created a vital and vivid space. This new image and identity of the Tobacna attracted more new stakeholders to become part of the Incubator. So they participated in the developement and completed the site of Tobacna by creating together with the founders a new central shared space in the center and new identity of the site 'the pit'.


So in the future Tobacna is a place to share ideas, form new cooperation of local stakeholders, companies and smaller groups of co-workers, creatives, students etc.. Also the use for the public has increased, because of the new open space in the center of the pid represent the new urban stage for Tobacna and Ljubljana.


INC.UBATOR – Concept