PUBHUB – the public hub program | Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana
Factory postcard
  • memories from Tobacna
  • visions for Tobacna

The first ideas and visions for the PUBHUB. The relation between old heritage of culture and history and the adventure of the new unexperienced possibilities of Tobacna should be visualized.

Adijo tovarne
  • addition of the Tobacna area and the Congress square

Trough visualizations we try to concentrate more on the ideas behind the program. The congress square stands for all good qualities in the city of Ljubljana. We want to combine old and new within a radical design. The phase plane gives a precise chronology of all events which will improve the Tobacna site.

Axo sketch with text j
  • areas and groups included in the city

Final map of the City with all import institutions for us. The users and areas with good quality should be included in the Tobacna area. Through this project the city community should have a better opportunity "to come together". Tobacna site works for us as a kind of incubator for ideas, visions, research and of course progress for all user groups of Ljubljana.

the time line final
  • timeline

The key events introduce every new phase. This first structure shows possibilities of different events. A general explanation about our event structure in the mid-term scenario. Event by event creates a new focus in every phase. The timeline helps to coordinate events ( longterm and shorter ones) and presents an overview.

the finance line final

financing structure through the mid term process. step by step financing to support the key events and phases. Every event should generate money for the next phase. The city and the University alway provide the first impact to get things started. Through effort of the users the system of financing supports it self.

the finance line final

interaction of all groups. The user groups profit from each other. We tried to team up several institutions within the city to groups of interest. Some of them provide money, some the outlet market and some work as a kind of attraction point for the "crowd".


falling walls :
The first phase introduces the almost locked down area to the city again. Borders, walls , fences should be gone. The access to the area is the first step to re-unite Tobacna area and the city. Included in the first secario is the opening of the cinema. It should be the first of many attractions .


the green house effect :
By concentration on the outer space we want to improve the problem with the unused water space. To turn things from bad to good we try to reuse the status quo. Installing a fish pond and greenhouses is the first step towards the technical backbone of the area.


hot water , heating , water supply for the greenhouses ensured by the water technic system. The system uses the already existing water reserve , cleans it , supports the greenhouses and shifts it into a productive , useful system.


pool is cool:
Another step to reveal the whole potential of the site is the installment of the pool. Step by step the existing buildings become integrated with the site and the city.


as a whole:
to sum the whole process up, by 2030 all the elements , buildings, new installments on the Tobacna area should work as a whole. The new face of Tobacna is a lively occupied outer and inner space based on a variety of user groups , offers , events etc.


The final status in 2030 the PUBHUB has occupied the whole area.
With our post scenario we want to give a radial opportunity for the site if the PUBHUB declines.Living at the waterside or even on the water may be an radical opportunity for future cities!

PUBHUB – the public hub program