Walled Circus: Concept | Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana

The circus consists of the two main components of a circus (inside) and the wall (outside). Those elements are to be explained further.

  • daily activities at the wall
  • weekly activities inside

The border of the site is defined by the wall, comprised of a series of objects. It functions as a communication tool between inside and outside. Once every week, the inside is opened to the public to give an insight of the production spaces.

  • Circus community
  • Providers, processors, performers

The inside of the project (circus) is a strong community that grows to be self-suffient on the long term. Members of the community can be divided into three groups (similar to first, second and third sector): providers, processors, performers. Other than historically grown villages, the first community members to be integrated are processors (craft and sell products). They will later on be supported by the providers (grow plants, provide materials) and finally produce for the performers (attract visitors, inspirit the village).

Walled Circus: Concept