Exhibition Hall Gesundbrunnen | Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana
  • Abandoned investors ruin
  • Opportunity for low budget exhibition hall
  • Never realized because sold to investors

This site with its long and significant history was recognized for its great potential as an identity builder for the neighborhood and a low budget solution for the under financed Arts and Culture Scene in Berlin.
Architects Brandlhuber+ proposed to use the already realized but abandoned structure for the core program and then add two more stories for diverse programs such as artists studios, apartments and commercial uses. The investment made by the city could be refinanced by marketing the rest of the 3000 square-meter plot to other investors.
In the end the city would have an exhibition hall that would finance itself and one of Berlin's "problem cases" would be transformed into a lively and attractive new compound.
Unfortunately shortly after the proposal was made, the officials informed the architects that the site had been sold to an investor.

Exhibition Hall Gesundbrunnen