ExRotaprint | Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana
  • Bringing manufactoring, creativity and job services together with Wedding's inhabitants.
  • The wide spectrum of activities taking place at ExRotaprint attracts a diverse group of people.
  • The ExRotaprint concept could be applied universally as it offers amendments to flaws in the capitalistic system.

In the year 1904 the company „Rotaprint“, special¬ized in the manufacturing of printing machines, was founded under the name „Deutsche Machi¬nenbau und Vertriebsgesellschaft“. After the war, 80% of the „Rotaprint“ buildings were destroyed. Slowly the company started rebuilding and enlarg¬ing its grounds. By hiring the 26 years old architect Klaus Kirsten on the occasion of their 50th year an¬niversary, Rotaprint put its mark on the surrounding area. Klaus Kirsten designed most of the „Rotaprint“ buildings of the 50s. They have nowadays an iconic status in Berlin‘s architecture from the 1950´s.