Kalkbreite Zürich | Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana
  • Cooperative Mixed-Use Project In Zürich
  • Open for residents of a variety of socio-economic backgrounds
  • Housing, offices, commercial space, communal space

Kalkbreite Zürich was conceived as a cooperative project in 2006. Inhabitants of the area wanted to create a strong community that is dedicated to an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. The objective is to offer cheap rents and a wide range of different sized apartmens with shared com- munity areas. The affordable rents that Kalkbreite charges will allow socially disadvantaged groups to live and
work along with their economically stronger neighbours.
Kalkbreite incorporates an existing tram depot in its lower level, and offers a mixture of flats and community spaces, offices, commercial space and open public space.

Kalkbreite Zürich