SUPERIMPOSITION | Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana
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The desire of density is not a statement!

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  • Extrusion as a mirror of society

The desillusion after a painfull failure made us wake up from a capitalistic hangover: the logic of architecture as an icon, picture or landmark. Confronted with the romantic consciousness of ruins that were never builded we recognized a sick clima of wrong necessity. What does forms produce without function? They delete the complexity of an area, ignoring the contradiction as an urban condition.

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  • Strategy of atomization

Program without necessity can´t be filled. But there is the possibility of giving form to the need of square meters: The strategy of atomisation. A way of manipulating the system. Dividing, defining and aggregating the form in a homogeneus space composed from single atoms in order to create a complex system which survives when a piece falls apart — a superimposition.

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  • need of specificity
  • need of identity
  • need of relevance

The transition between socialism and capitalism created a dream of prosperity. Slovenia moved her eyes from the Balcans to Europe. The Castle represents an identity for the city. Ljubljana needs a specificity instead of a program in order to be relevant in the community. And the Tobačna area can be a fertile soil where to develop a specificity that can attract investors.


The concept is to prepare an infrastructure that gives limitations in order to control the use and the future of the area, but at the same time show the possibility of a bottom up initiative. An organism composed of cells




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The grid is a source of variability! The idea is not simply to optimize the schematic composition in an economy of space, but rather to affirm its validity and continuity regardless of program and function.