Future Cities 2014 Ljubljana

Future Cities 2014 wishes to investigate potential of architectural projects as catalysts to envision sustainable urban futures in economically weak and shrinking cities.


By rethinking the connection between urban life, urban production and research by design, we investigate how to foster and support flexibility and assure sustainable urban development. In this context flexibility means to create a setting and conditions which act as catalysts for added value production and where research and innovation efforts address dis-empowerment of the city due to unused industrial estates and weak economic conditions. By doing so, we will investigate the impact and influence that architecture as a physical artefact has on the urban structure and how it can envision viable urban futures. Using the "research by design" method, we will develop and test possible architectural instruments in varying scales. More pertinently, we will investigate and give a suggestion how architecture can help to alleviate current deadlocked economic condition and contribute to society's demand for a sustainable urban transformation and change.


Detailed brief in PDF.